Locomotion Cab-it Record Breakers Weekend.

6th and 7th November 2010.

During this weekend event at Locomotion, Shildon the APT-E Group held a re-launch event to try and attract new volunteers

from the North East and surrounding area to help in conserving of APT-E for future generations to enjoy and understand.

The cab of PC2 and the engine room was open for guided tours, our displays also included a film and slide show.

The film show was introduced by a talking E train, which the kids and adults appeared to like!

Various items from TC2 where also on display including spare engine parts, origional drawings,  Turbine control, Tilt electronics

and a host of books and manuals.

APT-E fact leaflets, flyers and pcitures of E train for the kids to colour in.

Kit also displayed his marley boards containing photos from his time on POP and APT-E.

At 11am and 2pm on both days Kit did his APT lecture, which proved popular and generated plenty of questions.

A selection of photographs from the event can be found below.  (Click for a larger image.)

E train open and ready for the public.

Looking down the side of the train.

Lights on and ready to go.

The display tables.

A closer view.

The other end.

Not bad for a quick make-shift display.

Slide and film show area on the SA bogie.

Note the origional seat placed centre rear of the seats, this proved really popular.

Film show on the left, slides on the right.

Another view.

At last, we have found a good use for an SA bogie!!!

Visitor totals,

We kept a record of visitors going through the train, and the results are : -

Saturday : - 518    ,    Sunday : - 308   (We actually missed some off on the Saturday).

Not bad going at all.

During Friday, while we were setting-up a huge fire broke out at Newton-Aycliffe.

Those are not clouds, the smell as awful.

It was an aerosol company going up in flames, it made the national news!!


If you are hungry while up in the Shildon area, we suggest you go to

the Primier Inn at Newcon Aycliffe and have one of these.....

The XXL burger, MASSIVE, yes, thast is a pint class to the left!!!!!

Just the burger (without bread) weights in at over a pound, and then theres the bacon, onion rings and stuff.

As a laugh they give you chips, salad and colesaw,  YER RIGHT!!!!

We did not make it through!!!!


Anthony Coulls,  Pam Porter, Richard Pearson and the workshop team,

all in the front of house team and all the rest of the staff at Locomotion.


Kit Spackman (Mr Tilt) as always, what would we do without you.

Steven Penny, a great mate, and for supporting me in the APT-E group.

Tim Sage and his Dad, another set of mega car drivers from the other end of the country.

And everyone who attended the event, a big thank you to you.

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