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APT-E Open Weekend.

The APT-E Conservation & Support Group at the National Railway Museum

First Open Weekend from the 13th - 16th April 2001

Greetings boards and notices to welcome people to APT-E.

Special notices placed on E Trains nosecone.

Setting up for the day.

Display boards inside the V.I.P lounge in TC1.

There was also a slide display in this compartment.

The public enjoying a guided tour of the train.

Steve grabbing a quick rest between guided groups.

People of all ages came and looked inside the train.

During the weekend we estimated that 450 - 500 people took a tour through the train.

We have had many comments from the public saying that they very much enjoyed the chance to see inside APT-E and talk to Kit Spackman.

All in all,  the event was a great success.