Work Day Report For

9th February 2013.

During this workday, we continued with the re-fitting of TC2.

Tim and Gavin worked on getting power into TC2 and the racking system.

Thanks to Barrie and Malcolm for contacting Serco and Bombardier, we have generously been donated a host of circa 1970s instrumentation

equipment, which all looks fantastic back in the racking of TC2.

We plan to power up as much as we can in the racking, as the donated items all still work.

The group must also thank, the National Computer Museum at Bletchley for loaning us an ARS33 teletype to go alongside our Redcor mainframe.

To all three companys, we thank you very very much.

This is the ASR 33 (with stand)  loaded to us by the National Computer Museum at Bletchley.

Another osilloscope, looks just the ticket. (Bambardier item)

(Bambardier item)

(Bambardier item)

(Bambardier item)

Malcolm, Barrie and David working on fitting the host of donated equipment in TC2.

(Bambardier item)

(Bambardier item)

Below new (Bambardier item)

(Bambardier item) 

Barrie, Malcolm and David looking at old photos of how TC2 looked in the 1970s.

On the laptop, the guy at the back of the photo is Malcolm.

Mel showing off one of the new roof panels for TC2.

Tim and Gavin working on getting stable power into the racking system in TC2, not easy!!!

A last before home of how TC2 is getting along, looking brilliant now, just wait until the power goes in!!

Thanks to everyone who attended, and Malcolm, we hope to see you again when you are ok to do so, best wishes. 

Next Workday is March 9th 2013.

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