Work Report For The 9th February 2002.

The weather took its tole on the tent structure during the last storms.

The first cover and portal frame were badly damaged and need emergency repairs.

This has now been done, but the cover still needs replacing, with luck the Tuesday nighters will do this for us.

Due to the excessive winds, the portal frame are now welded to the underside of the rails.

The fixed portal frames and roof supports that had been blown off.

The team working on securing the covers.

Nice hat Mr Penny!!!!!

Re-roping the edge binding.

New member Laurie getting to grips with some ropes.

Thomas the Tank Engine comes to visit us.

Out of the way, Thomas is coming.

Nick and Tim re-roping the edge supports.

Lee, welding the securing brackets to the track.

Thanks everyone who attended, at least we got the damaged repaired, nice work people.

Next Workday 23rd March 2002

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