Working Weekend during the 9th December 2000.

During this work day we concentrated on more window repairs and building the new V.I.P lounge floor in TC1.

One group worked on the windows and one on the flooring.

Two new members Alan and Graham came to there first work day, thanks guys for all your help.

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Steve starts work on the removal of another leaking window in the V.I.P lounge in TC1.

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Steve strips the outside sealant and Tony works on the inner sealer.

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With the window removed, its time to clean-up the work surface.

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And as if by magic,  the sun comes out!!!

a5.jpg (15742 bytes)

Tony cuts away some of the edging so that the window can by fitted more easily.

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Tony working on the window edging while Steve cleans up the glass.

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Due to a corroded lock, we were forced to drill out the lock to gain access to the TC1 toilet.

The lock was a standard Yale, this we are going to replace with a new lock.

a17.jpg (8347 bytes)

The first look inside the toilet on TC1.  Very strange, it has been stripped bare apart from a flag!!!!

a7.jpg (10064 bytes)

First external mastic layer applied and the window re-fitted.

a8.jpg (9421 bytes)

Looks just fine.

a9.jpg (13790 bytes)

A water tight layer of mastic must be in place for the window to be water tight.

a10.jpg (12972 bytes)

Windows A,B and C have now been re-fitted over several working days.

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Len, Alan and Graham have been working on making the new floor for the V.I.P lounge in TC1.

Each panel has had grooves cut into it so that it fits the floor guides in TC1.  Thanks guys.

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Alan and Graham (Alans Dad) stood outside E Train.

a14.jpg (8894 bytes)

Note the lateral movement of the centre vestibule as E Train sits on a  bend.

a18.jpg (21441 bytes)

The flag found in the toilet of TC1,  what was it for,   answers on a postcard please.!

A big thanks to all how attend this workday and also,


and a prosperous


Important Notice.

The next set of work dates have not yet been worked out, so please keep an eye out on the

"Support Group Pages" for further updates.