Work Day Report For

8th March 2014.

During this workday we repair, re-wired and re-signed APT-D.

The none display equipement in TC2 was removed and stored away in TC1's tool bay.

Some of the items were made from dark matter and where very very heavy.

Simon fitting the new donation signage to APT-D.

Simon doing repairs and looking at his handy work on APT-D. Gavin re-wiring the supply for APT-D.

APT-D claims another victim, me!!!

Me, repairing the lights on APT-D, Thanks Mel for the Photo.

Us clearing the donation shoot in APT-D, they is actually money in it.

A fiver donation, not much, but its a start.

Donations that had been stuck in the shoot, due to someone stuffing paper into it, cheers thanks.


APT-D repaired, re-wired, lights fixed, new signage, and new locoation.

Mel doing more great work on the E1/T bogie restoration.

TC2 Tilt pack with cover removed, ready to show the public.

During the "A4 Great Goodbye" event, we went to have a look, but ended up opening the VIP lounge in TC2.

As you can see, we were very busy, over 500 people enjoyed a 10-15 min  talk by me and Kit.

Next workday 10th May 2014, see you all then.

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