Work day report  for the 8th February 2003.

On this workday, we continued the replacement of the rotten space frame panels and re-fitting roof panels.

Lens brilliant job of the cab floor is complete so he starts work on TC1's wooden steps and design a way to

re-fit the panels inside TC1.

The first of the window frames is removed and inspected on its construction, now we can water proof the frames.

Steve and Phil cutting away the old mastic, ready for window removal.

Phil and Richard still scraping and the first window frame to be removed.

Steve drilling out the rivets that hold the window frame to the bodyshell.

After some hefty work, the first frame section come away from the bodyshell.

Frame section (top), lover the bodyshell.

More sections being removed.

Ben, doing press-ups on the roof of PC2, He's refitting a roof panel really!!!

Tim and Lee working on the replacement space frame sections on PC2.

Steve drilling out the old river holes.

Ouch!!!! looks painful,  we will never escape Steve says!!!

Me checking for window frame refitting.

Myself, Steve and Phil tidying up the window frame area in TC1.

The rivet gun is too large to put the frame studs back in so we are forced to do a dodgy cover until next time,  hope it lasts.

But, just in case, we have covered the floor of TC1 with plastic in case of water ingress.


Guess who is coming to town later this month???

Brilliant day people and thanks to you all for your hard work, we are getting there, see you all next month.

Next workday is on the 15th March 2003

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