Work Day Report For

7th September 2013.

During this workday Gavin continued work on tracing the cables under the floor in PC2.

Tim and Martin worked on the wash/wipe system for PC2.

I repaired the AV system in the cab of PC2 which had been damaged by someone other than the group looking around! and

started work on getting power into Kits tilt control unit in TC2.

Re-connected APT-D so it could be used by the public after NRM staff had disconnected it and moved it out of the way!

Barry and David continued work on powering up the various items in TC2.


Part of the floor removed in PC2 to look at the cable paths.

Gavin undertaking this project.

Gavin takes on the light that has never worked in PC2, and wins, well done Gavin.

PC2 is now fully light from one end to the other.

Kits tilt pack in full illumination.

Same for Martins brake systems.

Me sat at the tele-type for the Redcore.



Barrie and David working on the activation of the TC2 test equipment.


TC2 nearing system activation completion.


Some of the test gear comes back to life.

Now we need to supply some signals to all this to complete the effect.

The wiper system removed for cleaning and greasing.


Tim going his stuff with the wiper system from the nose of PC2.

Click the play button for a short look around TC2.  May take some time to start!!!

Great days work everyone, see you all on the 19th of October.

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