Working Weekend during the 7th April 2001.

The main task today was to erect another portal frame and get the first cover sheet fitted.

The completion of the VIP lounge floor and to get the lighting system working, was also taken in hand.

First things first - Check the power feed into the power car,  seems just fine.

Power is fed into the power car by an extension from a 240volt feed + breaker.

Kit showing some members the bogies and tilt system.


The first completed portal frame,  fitted into place during the last workday.

Working to complete the VIP lounge floor.

After testing the lighting system, we plugged it into the mains,   and hey presto!

All the lights in the power car and the cab, worked just fine.

Welding in the rain!!!




The construction of the next portal frame and the fitting on the cover sheet.  the weather didn't help!!

E train under cover, well very nearly.

A good days work people,  now at least the public can see that we mean business.

With a little luck, E Train should be open to the public over the Easter weekend.

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