Unofficial Workday

Friday 6th August 2010.

As some of the support group had a day off, it was decided to visit the train up at Shildon.

We started work on getting the train ready for the Support Group re-launch,

and to also improve the outside view of the train.

Click on an image to see a hires version.

A nice view from the now level PC2.

What would make the train stand out when entering Locomotion.

Just what is Tim and the rest of us doing!!!!!


At best, the last time these worked would have been on the last trip to York in 1976.

All but one bulb still worked after all these years.

They are actually running at 12volt instead of 24volt, but they still look great.

The light on the right really didnt want to play ball, but we got there!

What else!!!!!!!!!!

Got the headlights working, might aswel just do the tail lights too.

Or hows about both at the same time.........

Nice shot Mr Penny.

Mr Penny cleaning the side cab windows.

These got covered in paint when the train got re-painted.

Clean, well very nearly. 

We are still planning a re-launch event for what looks like November time, watch this space.

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