Working Weekend during the 5th May 2001.

During this workday we attended to some minor faults in the tent and also :

Refitted another window in VIP lounge of TC1.

Further work on the floor in the VIP lounge of TC1.

Making other tent frames and erecting them.

For a change, it was a very fine day.

Work starts on tightening the tent cover, which had filled with water over the past few weeks.

Lowering the bottom braces and re-tightening the cover should solve some of the problems.

Richard playing TARZAN.

Keep the ladder steady boys!!!

Len doing a fine job on the VIP lounge floor.]

Tony, pauses for a rest before we remove another faulty window from TC1.

Tony, cleaning up the window surround after removal of the window in TC1.

Myself, pressing the re-fitted window into place.

Looks as good as new.

An APT enthusiast, Oliver and his family came to visit the train.

Nice to see you Oliver and your Mum and Dad, I hope you enjoyed the tour round.


Window re-fitted, a nice neat job with new silicone seal.

It was very sunny for a change, it was a great day to work outside.


Steve and David, securing the bottom bracing bar of a new tent frame.

Tony, securing the tent cover at the end of the day.

Great days work people, a big thank you to everyone how attended.

Next workday 9th June 2001.

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