Work Day Report For

5th March 2011.

During this work day, we placed all of our efforts in the VIP lounge in TC1.

First job was to get the lighting system operational in both the VIP lounge and equipement bay.

After some digging around in the electrical distribution cuboard, Tim re-engineered a "STABLE" power ring,

and we established that the system in the coach was indeed 240 volts, some tube starters verified this fact.

They are actually in very good condition, just the outer case has a little rust.

Not bad since the last time they were used was 1976!!!.

After some basic system tests, and disconnecting un-needed supply feeds, we plugged in the re-created shore line.

And waited!!!!!!!!!!!

A strange effect, this is me looking very nerves about the lights!!

And WE WAITED!!!!!!!!!!

& THEN......

E train takes another small but important step back to life!!!!

Very suprisingly, nearly all the lights worked first time.

Steve and Martin get to work on the few that didn't, and within a minute or so, everything was working.

Now that we can see, we can starting sorting what panels go where!

This panel was re-fitted with some new fixing plates to see if they would work, as you can se......


Tim and Martin (Tims Dad) removing the cover plate so we can remove the broken speedo panel.

The panel removed, and me being on TV, LOL!!!

I can see you.  View looking through the speedo panel hole into the VIP lounge.

Martin, Steve and Tim displaying the speedo panel. Sadly the speedo is actually smashed.

We are in the process of fitting an LCD screen into this panel, so we can display videos/media.

There are four vents in the roof (note top right) and we are planning on fitting speakers in these.

Note :- the windows panels placed in there correct locations, ready to be re-fitted.

A brilliant and very productive day, we can really crack on with the VIP re-fit now.

Next Workday 2nd April 2011

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