Working Weekend during the 4th November 2000.

Due to the extensive flooding in York during the first week of November, this work day had to cancelled.

However,  Four members of the team still attended, as access to the NRM was possible for a time.

It was decided that two members, Steve and Len would work on removing the first rotten floor panel in the VIP lounge of TC1.  This they did successfully and identified how the floor panelling was constructed.

I continued work on the windows by internally sealing several windows with silicone mastic.

Tony worked on the further maintenance of the locks.

After these tasks had been completed the team moved into TC2 and made some wonderful discovery's.

floor2.jpg (10816 bytes)

Steve and Len working on removing the rotten floor in VIP lounge of TC1.

floor3.jpg (11172 bytes)

Thankfully the floor panels can be removed as one piece.

vip1.jpg (12676 bytes)

After one panel had been removed.

window.jpg (18607 bytes)

One window with fresh silicone mastic to seal it in.

clocks.jpg (9450 bytes)

Clock and Speedo on the wall of TC2.

t1.jpg (15094 bytes)

Equipment still inside TC2 after all this time.

t2.jpg (16224 bytes)

Paper trace plotter.

t3.jpg (16156 bytes)

Large spool data recorder.

t4.jpg (12285 bytes)

Kit Spackmans " TILT CONTROL".

t5.jpg (14330 bytes)

More test equipment.

t6.jpg (14501 bytes)

Tony and Steve having a good look round TC2.

t7.jpg (16091 bytes)

Multi Channel junction panel.

t8.jpg (14887 bytes)

Oscilloscope, looks just as good as the day it was made.

t9.jpg (21786 bytes)

Circuit boards, Left hand complete and hand made, right ready to be built upon.

t10.jpg (20224 bytes)

Data control panel.

t11.jpg (15142 bytes)

Wheel axle temperature meters and power, brake application meters.

turbine_control.jpg (13188 bytes)

Turbine control.  Any one of the 10 turbines could be monitored from here.

loo.jpg (5142 bytes)

At least the staff got a nice posh BR loo.

While we were looking around we opened a locked tool cupboard and found a large collection of BR A0 drawings dating from September 1970 - June 1976, plus a whole host of equipment instruction manuals and spares.

redcore.jpg (11385 bytes)

redcor2.jpg (7147 bytes)

redcor3.jpg (10451 bytes)

The operating instructions for the REDCOR data collector that the train carried.

drawing1.jpg (15021 bytes)

Myself sat with 70+ drawings that we found.

drawing2.jpg (14501 bytes)

drawing4.jpg (13260 bytes)

drawing5.jpg (10110 bytes)

tilt1.jpg (21035 bytes)

September 1970.  Hawker Sydney Tilt until, Dowty Brake until drawings.

drawing3.jpg (14032 bytes)

Myself showing off our major finds while sat at "Tilt Control".

Despite the floods it turned out to be a very fruitful day.  

All the material found will need to be catalogued and then stored away for safe keeping.

Next Working Day 9th December 2000.

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