Work Day Report For

2nd April 2011.

Actually, after First York bus company decided to not run any buses before 8:45 am on this day, we missed our train.

SO, we actually managed to get to Shildon at the second attempted, on Sunday 3rd April 2011.

While Steve Penny (also known as Mr Darcy) worked on repairing one end of the VIP roof, I worked on the VIP LCD screen fitting.


Its a bit rotten!!!


The vinel is in ok condition thought, thank goodness.....


A typical Mr Penny type construction, did the job though!!


Note the new roof support on the right.


In place.......................

The new level roof panel.

First things first, the speedo had to be taken to bits.......

First test fit of the LCD panel.


Now, to make it stand up and secure!!!!

First fitting in location.

Connected up to the Mini PC, and running Windows....

Note :- the front soft panel is fitted level yet!

From the other end of the VIP.

Done,  I am very happy with the finished fit and effect.

Whats behind the LCD panel.  Note : Only on temp wiring at the present time.

Thanks must go to Mr Darcy for the photographs.

Work on the VIP continues, if a little slow due to the lack of helpers, but we will get there.

Next Workday is May 7th 2011.

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