Work Day Report For

27th April 2013.

During this workday, we started work on preparing the train ready for the EHA presentation on the 24th May 2013.

Simon did a grand job of cleaning out the VIP lounge, hoovering and making it look top knotch.

Mel, Simon also cleared out TC2, removing old none useful display items and a general clutter.

Gavin worked on TC2's electrics, so we now have main power to the back of the display consoles.

New member Mark, and Gavin also re-fitted the floor module between PC2 and TC1.

The tail fins were re-fitted onto PC2, TC1 and TC2, the train now looks sleak again.

The replaced joint module floor, needs a new cover when we get time.


Out come the stored tail fins.


PC2's fins on, and the cover plate being fitted.


Fins re-fitted onto TC1 and TC2.

In the distance, me re-fitting the fins on TC2.

Looking down TC1 equipment bay, Steve cleaned this up after this photo was taken.

Gavin working on the electrics in TC2, we have a mains master switch on.

Since this visit, Mark has been and cleaned the outside of E train, she is looking really good now, thanks Mark.

 On the 24th May APT-E is being presented with its Engineering Heritage Award.

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