24th June 2014

Rapido 3D scan party at Locomotion

Annoucing the very first 00 gauge production model of APT-E.

For more details and how to order please click the logos above.

In order to get the model just perfect a 3D scan was taken of PC2 during the party event,

and the group have been working with Rapido to make sure it is going to be a fantastic model.

Below are some photographs taken on and around the party date.


Setting up the 3D scanning equipment and scanning PC2.


Mel getting drafted to finish off one of Rapidos trucks. Nice job mel.

Wonder why Kit is tilting!!!!


Jason from president of Rapido Trains Inc recording kit for something!!


Mel, Simon doing their PR bit in the cab of PC2.


Kit enlightening members of the puclic about the train.

In the meantime, David and Barrie stop for tea outside TC2.

PC2 cab splended on party day.

Note, the cab panel lights are now functional all the time, thanks to Tim and Gavin.

More people visit the engine room of PC2.

The day before the party we meet Jason and Bill from Rapido Trains Inc.

Rapido's display being setup.

PC2 with the Rapido banner with details of the model.

Me, its all over now, from the side of PC2 you don't normally see.

Well earned everyone, now lets get to the pub.

Thanks to Jason, Bill (Rapido Trains Inc) and Andy (RMWeb), you are all great guys.


Introducing Rapido Trains Inc.


RMWebs interview video from the 3D scan party.


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