Weekend during the 21st June 2003.

During this workday we continued re-fitting and sealing two of the windows in TC2.

Ben, Oliver and Jacqui started fabricating the brackets needed to refit the air intake covers on PC2 .

One window team.

The other window team.

The rusty old air intake cover brackets.

Preparing to take the glass out.

With the glass gone, the frame needs to be cleaned.

APT-E has lost a window.

The rivets need to be drilled out to allow the frame to be removed.

Tim checking out the roof.

The frames are badly glued in, hence the leaking. Doesn't mean they are easy to remove though.

Easy does it. Adam (in the yellow vest) is holding part of the removed window frame.

Mr Penny gets the job of windows cleaning.

Another window is successfully re-fitted, no more leaks here!

Old meets new. Another drive past by Rocket.

Inside we were busy making the air intake cover brackets.

There are over 200 brackets, every one needs 4 holes.

A fully functional production line.

A nearly completed bracket, needs a nut and some paint now.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

This was the last workday with Richards Gibbon as the head of engineering at the NRM, many thanks for all your help and support so far Richard.

If you attended and feel anything has been missed please email myself Ben@apt-e.org or Paul Paul@apt-e.org

Next workday 19th July 2003, hope to see you then.

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