Working Weekend during the 21st February 2004.

During this workday we continued with the fabrication of the new vent brackets (PC2) and body panel re-fitting for PC2.

Pair of new created vent support brackets.

Myself drilling out the hex nut holes.

Oh, no, Mr Penny, try using goggles next time please......!

Jacqui, smoothing off the drill holes.

The old, the nearly completed, and the completed.

Mr Penny, fitting a panel back onto PC2.

A newly removed panel just behind the cab on PC2, right side.

Lee cleaning up the support surface.

Tim working in the same panel , but opposite side. Note painted support frame.

Jacqui, cleaning the removed body panels.

Body panel just behind cab, PC2, left side, note the state of the support frame. Although its not as bad as it looks.

It was that time of the year again, the NRM was packed!!!

Next workday is the 20th March 2004.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

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