Working Weekend during the 20th August 2003.

During this workday we continued work on the re-skinning of PC2 and re-covering PC1.

The good news is that the NRM had E train pressure washed, so no more green moss on the bodywork.

PC1 after its been pressure washed.

TC1, Hey no more green, ready for a coat of paint now.

Nice shot of PC1.

PC1 was uncovered to enable it to be washed, so we need to re-fit the cover.

Rolling up the cover so we can get it onto the roof of PC1.

And up she goes!   Thanks Adman for the photos.

Mr Penny and Tim up on the roof of PC1, rolling the cover out.

Back under cover again.

Tim on the roof!

Lee and Tim working on the skin re-fit of PC2.

Another panel back on, as good, if not better, than new!

Peter, Paul and Jacqui working on the tent, doing some repairs ready for winter.

Me tightening the support ropes for the tent, OR IS IT ALBERT STEPTOE?

Just time for a quick team photo.

Thanks to everyone who attended, a good days work despite the NRM's problems.

I am making a "JOBS TO DO" list for each workday so please contact me if you know anything that needs doing.

Next workday is the 18th October 2003.

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