Working Weekend during the 20th April 2002.

During this workday, we started work on the removal and re-fitting of the worst panels on PC2's roof.

The first panel removed from the roof of PC2. The sub-frame isn't in too bad a condition, looks worse than it is.

Mr Penny, HEY HIPPY! drilling out the rivets that are holding on a roof panel. (Before he breaks the drill bit!!!!)

Steve and Tim wire brushing the sub-frame ready for painting with anti-rust paint.

Kit and Nick inspecting the newly painted sub-frame on PC2. Panel 1 and 2 removed.

APT-E Cleaning services, mop and bucket at the ready!!

Do it right, the BOSS is watching, I look like a council worker!

Nice shot of E train, tent and access to the roof via the scaffolding!

Note  the leap of faith from the scaffolding to the roof of TC1.

Good job everyone, the restoration of E train has now started in earnest.

Next workday the 18th May 2002

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