Work Day Report For

1st December 2012.

During this workday, several projects were moved forward by massive leaps.

TC2 re-fit, Mel, Barrie, David, Allan and 

Malcom Wilson (Another member of the origional team), a big welcome to the team Malcom, made major improvements to TC2.

Tim, Martin and Steve worked on the turn the turbine project.

Mel working on the roof panel re-build for TC2.

Really nice to see you back Mel, we have missed you.

The oscilloscope back in TC2s racking system

A major step forward, The RED CORE mainframe back together and mounted up, a bit

more work to do, but looking fantastic.


Left :- bottom units, right :- Data tape deck of the Red Core.


Two views looking down TC2, starting to really come together now, jolly good stuff.

Looking from the other direction.

The aim is, to open this car up for public access in the near future.

We finally put a battery in the clock in TC2, after 36 years, it still works!!!

Tim and Steve doing scarey! things!!!!!!!!!!

The engine room of PC2.


Tim working on the starter system and oil pump for turbine number 1 in PC2.

All we want it to do for now is engage the starter and spin the turbine, (FOR NOW!!!!).

A brilliant day, after we all managed to get to Shildon due to the trains running all to pot, thank you all.

New member Gavin, welcome aboard and hope to see you in the new year.

May everyone have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

See you all next year.

Next Workday is 5th January 2013.

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