Work Day Report For

19th May 2012.

For this workday it was decided to work on the electrical system in PC2s cab,

Work on the roof panels of PC1.

Tidy up TC2 and work out what could be done.

My brother David comes to visit, he and his wife cleared the VIP back in 2000, he hasnt seen it finsihed.

Mr brothers wife passed away this time last year, so its fitting that he can now see the VIP back as it was.

The VIP lounge is dedicated to June Leadley.

Tim working on getting a 24 volt supply to some of the PC2's cab system.

Not an easy task, but Tim never says "NEVER".

Well, something is going to work today, I am sure of it!!!

The cab of PC2 in bits, it may work again, MAYBE.

Not so simple to work out, what is what. 

The power selector in PC1.

The switching system below the panel.

We are trying to workout if we can use this to control a train simulator.

David and Barrie working on TC2.

Roof panel removed on PC1, showing the spaceframe.


The same roof supports, before and after cleaning, good job Steve.

This is the horn switch out of PC2, being connected to the horn simulator for the first time.

The test system wired up and ready to have a go.

The power is on!!!

Same panel in the dark!

And we have life, more than we thourght we would get. 

Good job Tim. Pressing the turbine start buttons fires the high ams replays in the powercar!!!!

Back in PC2s engine room, things are not like they used to be, systems have come to life.

The brake meter moves now, when you move the brake level, cool.

Press the play button to start, only works in IE sorry. Takes a few minutes to start.

Click here to download the video.

Next workday, is a Cab-It day, 16th June 2012.

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