Weekend during the 19th July 2003.

During this workday we replaced more of the roof on PC2.

Work also continued with the windows in TC1, VIP Lounge .

Up on the roof panels were being re-fitted.

While Ben, Jacqui and Len were busy outside....

...Paul, Steve and Katherine were having a break.  (Its was hotter in there.........)

Removing rivets from another window frame.

Steve preparing one of the internal window panels.

A rear view of a newly re-constructed internal window panel.

This is the air conditioning (I think) for TC1.    (oh, yes! Thats what it is!)

Steve showing off the newly exposed area in TC1.

Hmm, what's this. Answers on a postcard.....    Its PC2s fuel gauge, NOT EMPTY!!!

Another roof panel is replaced on PC2.

The new air intake cover brackets are now being fitted.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

If you attended and feel anything has been missed please email myself Ben@apt-e.org or Paul Paul@apt-e.org

Next workday 16th August 2003, hope to see you then.

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