Work Day Report For

18th June 2011.

During this workday, we continued to re-fit the VIP lounge in TC1.

It was also a Cab-it weekend, so Kit put on the lights and the intercom recording in the cab of PC2,

and allowed visitors to access the train and see inside the engine room, which proved very popular.

Kit doing his thing.

The next floor panel in place, but will the window panel fit!!!!

Another one fitted, but,

not all the floor panels are the correct size, so we have to make some minor changes.

Our new team member and Martin (Sorry Martin),  working on a window panel.  Welcome aboard Melissa.

Melissa working on the window panel while Tim, Alan and Paul check-out the new media display file.

While at Locomotion, we had a visitor????????

He kept appearing all over the place????

Every place we went , "HE" was there............!!!!!!!! trying to hide away.

It was my daughters "Angry Bird" called,,,,,,,,,,ANGRY!

It was his birthday and he was sick of being left in the house, so decided to come out with us for the day.

The APT-E Support group would like to welcome onboard Melissa, and we hope you enjoyed the day.

Important Notice.

We have a great deal to do before the APT-E team re-union in August so

I am in the process of arranging some extra work days between now and then, watch this space.


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