Working Weekend during the 18th August 2001.

During this workday a team from BBC Midlands came up to film and talk to the Support Group.

This is part of a documentary about APT and the return of tilting trains to the Midlands.

They spoke to Paul Leadley and Kit Spackman about the project, and filmed the group at work.

Rachel Bowering "BBC Midlands" and Kit preparing for an interview.

Steve and Steve up on the scaffolding.

Simon and Kit working on the refitting of another VIP lounge window.

Kit cleaning up the surrounding window frame.

Simon cleaning the edges of the window frame for the VIP lounge.

Even the BBC have to eat.

Simon and Kit working on the window.

The window re-sealed and looking good.

Only another 2 windows to do now, its taken a while.

Them filming us, filming them!

Lens work on repairing another part of the VIP lounge floor, very nice job Len, thank you.

Thanks to everyone who attended this workday.

A "BIG SPECIAL" thanks must go to the "BBC Team" for calling to see us and for making the experience so much fun to do.

Next workday 15th September 2001.

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