Work Day Report For

16th June 2012.

This weekend was a Cab-It weekend, so the team opened up the train to the public.

PC2s cab and engine room was opened up for the public to inspect.

Two sub projects were started this weekend also :-

1. Inspect the electrics for the gas turbines and starter motors.

2. Remove the control system from PC1, to enable the cab simulator to be started work on.

E Train open at the start of the day.

The battery connectors in the rear of PC2.


Tim, inspecting the starter on Turbine 3 for signes of life.

Sadly, a main powerfeed has been cut so juice doens flow down the train :-(


During the lunchtime lull, this is what happens when you put 24 volt to the starter... (Dont tell the NRM), turn the sound up.

Just add fuel and get the starter to trip over................SCARY!!!

Click the play button to start the video, un-edited but you will get the idea.

Barrie has brought some old test equipment donated by Serco for TC2.

Nice looking stuff, and will look the part when fitted to TC2.

David and Barrie got started on fitting the new (old) test equipment to TC2.

A big job.

David and Barrie (Yes, he is there) altering the racking in TC2.

Ah, there you are Barrie.

Barrie behind the racking in TC2.

First two modules fitted, looks great guys.

One rack completed, brillaint stuff.

Just needs a clean-up now.


After the clean-up.  Ace......

One of the large tape desk re-fitted.

Barrie, photographs the hard work for the day.


In order to make space for some E related display items to come up from York, we need to move PC1 and TC2 forward 1.5m.


Press play button to start the video, may take a little to to start.

Brilliant day, very busy with the public and some important jobs completed too, well done every.

Next Workday is 7th July 2012.

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