Working Weekend during the 16th August 2003.

During this workday,  good progress was made on the window re-fitting programme and also

on the roof panel re-fitting on PC2.

Window removed from VIP lounge TC1.

View from inside VIP lounge.

Mr Penny working on cleaning the glass.

The edge needs the old mastic needs cleaning off before re-fitting can take place.

Katherine tidying up an already re-fitted window panel.

And now on the inside.

Jacqui cleaning a roof panel of PC2.

Ben working on the panel re-fitting programme on PC2.

Now up on the roof.

Ben pretending to be DRILLER KILLER!

Mr Penny re-riveting the window frame back in , in the VIP lounge TC1.

The small hand rivet gun is the only thing small enough to do this job.  Painfull!

Myself putting the window back in and re-sealing it


As good as new, lets hope we don't need to do this again!

Spot the new team member..............!!

Let look a little closer........!

Mr Bunny comes to see what the APT group is all about.

A good day everyone, thanks to all who attended.

Next workday is on the 20th September, hope to see you then.

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