Working Weekend during the 15th November 2003.

During with workday we selected the worst window in TC1 VIP lounge and re-sealed it.

Three of the team cutting out the old mastic and windows sealant.

Nearly out, tough going, same its leaking badly.

Lorrie and Admin trimming the window frame mastic.

Lorrie working on trimming the outside seal.

VIP Lounge.

Mr Penny cleaning the glass.

Myself and Steve cleaning the window frame.

New mastic applied and in she goes.

The window re-fitted, looks nice, lets hope it lasts.

In the meantime Adam looks at some of the other stock.....ANY GUESSES?

Frankenstein, eat your heart out.

Answers on a postcard please.....Good job its not lightning!

Next workday is the 20th December 2003.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

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