Work Day Report For

14th April 2012.

The first proper workday for sometime, due to supply and person power issues.

We set about a number of major new project today, which are :-

1. Remove, service/repair a set of horns, one set from PC1.

2. Install a brand new lighting system in PC1 ready for the de-skinning.

3. Look into the chances of getting the PC2 cab dash working!

Mr Penny in his normal fashion, setting to work on the horns of PC1.

Mr Penny taking a picture of me, taking a picture of him, and Tim working on a roof panel which was about falling off.

Mr Penny on the roof of PC1.

Deep inside PC1, the first of the new lighting units, and new cable is fitted.

Its very dark in PC1, so Tim decides to remove the already un-rivoted panel.

PC1 see's the light of day for the first time in a very very long time.

Note the state of the roof supports!!!

One of the two removed horns, a type 4 and 5, sat on a bench, awaiting a jolly good service.

Taken apart, you can see the problem!!!

Oiled, and cleaned as best we could, there is some damage, but nothing we cannot fix (WE HOPE!!!).

The plates , rubber seperator and tune diaphram are all in very good condition.

The last light fitting now in place, so Tim wires up the new system to a light switch box.


PC1 with a nice new lighting system.

Another view from the cab of PC1.

The newly serviced/repaired horns awaiting a blast!!!

For a little suprise, click this video link!

While doing a bit of a tidy in PC1, we found this missing anti-tilt support bracker for an ET1 - ET1/t bogie.

This is it in place on PC1.

Cab of PC2, these havent been illuminated since 1976!!!

Not much light up yet, but its a start.

There must be a fault, the reduce speed indicator has come on, LOL!!!!

After a full notch 8 brake application, we checked for the fault...........

Next month, work will start of the big tidy for PC1, and getting the dash fully illuminated, cool!!

Next Workday is May 12th 2012.

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