Working Weekend during the 14th July 2001.

During this workday the team worked on the tent portals and the replacement of another V.I.P lounge window.

The V.I.P now only needs 3 more windows refitting before this task is complete.

Members of the team working on the tent portals.

Its nice nice day so lets have some refreshment. Lee, Richard and Tim tucking in.

The removed window  from the V.I.P Lounge, TC1.

Its now raining very hard, but Kit does a great job on re-sealing the window internally.

The newly re-fitted window in V.I.P Lounge (TC1), its having an early test for leaks!

Richard on the root of PC2, securing the newly erected portal frame.

The newly erected portal frame for the E train tent,  its coming along nicely. Cover to be fitted next time.

NRM Welcomes the "Bullet Train".

Progress is being made on the E train tent and also the V.I.P lounge is coming along nicely.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

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