Work Day Report For

13th September 2014.

During this workday we started work on the restoration of the bulkhead of TC2,

Repaired damage to APT-D (again!)

Tidy up of some of the electrical supply cables and

started work on trying to repair the horn simulator in the cab of PC2.

I also ran some system tests to see if we can fit live webcams to the train.

Mel removing the out shell cover on TC2.


TC2 with the cover removed for cleaning.


Mel and Simon doing there stuff on the metal cover, removed from above.


You can see the size of the job from these photos.

Me and David trying to fix the horn simulator in PC2.

Turns out that the interface box as blown, so going to have to make a new one.

Next workday 18th October 2014, see you all then.

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