Working Weekend during the 13th October 2001.

During this workday, work proceeded a pace on the tent cover.

Members of the team working on the support ropes within the tent frame.

Another portal frame being placed in position.

As above.

The two Steve's and Richard working on securing the frame and protecting the corners from rubbing the cover.


Another portal now in position.

Tim working on the ground bracing.

I'm sure this isn't in the health and safety book!!!!

PC2 slowly going under cover.

Steve securing the bottom of a cover with weights and gravel.

Nearly done

On the next meeting, 17th November we should be able to get the tent finished, if the weather is good!

Thanks to everyone who attend today, a job well done.

Thanks must also go to Gerry bates (R & D Instrumentation engineer) visited us and joined the team.

Next workday 17th November 2001 (Last one for this year).

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