Work Report For The 12th January 2002.

The first workday of 2002 proved very fruitful.

Another tent cover was fitted, and the roof roping put in place to support the roof canvas.

PC2 nose was cleaned in testing for the rest of the train.

The rotten floor in PC2 cab was completely removed and measurements taken to replace it.

Steve scrubbing PC2 cab window.

Bet this is the first time for many years E train has seen a wash and brush-up.

View from inside PC2 cab.

More water to wash away the years!

There's a hole in your bucket Mr Mosby???

Rope supports and the next cover going on.

The cover being fitted.

The next section being prepared.

Thanks to everyone who attended, great job. After a long time the tent is nearly done.

Next workday is on the 9th February 2002.

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