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Mels Brilliant VIP module and TC1 bulkhead refurbishment project.

Since late August 2011 Mel has been working away on the parts of TC1 that she didnt feel

was up to scratch, and in her normal style, started a major refurbishment project.

After a long delay, sorry Mel, I can now show you all the hard work Mel has done.

Again, in her normal style, a totally brilliant job.

An amazing volunteer for a totally amazing train, what would we do without her.

To show off Mels work, I have put together a collection of photographs take before, during and after.

All photographs are the copyright of Melissa Jardin.

Well worth a look at, so you can appreciate all of Mels very hard work. 

Please note : Needs latest flash player to work correctly.

Please click here to view the slideshow.


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