Working Weekend during the 6th May 2000.

This was the first of our working weekends and many of us didn't really know what to expect.

Members of the team opened and oiled all the doors, hatches and locks.

An inventory was taken of parts missing or need to enable the train to be moved or "Tilted" in the future.

The main area of work was on the replacement of a missing window in TC1 V.I.P lounge,

and removal of the panelling, seating and carpet that had been water damaged behind it.

apt1.jpg (45830 bytes)

The missing window in TC1 V.I.P lounge.

apt2.jpg (29309 bytes)

The rotten collapsed panel inside TC1 V.I.P lounge.

apt3.jpg (47495 bytes)

The panel had pulled away from its mountings and was leaking very badly.

apt5.jpg (51863 bytes)

Preparing the staging ready to re-fit the window.


apt12.jpg (50294 bytes)

Working on the removal of the inside panel supports and old mastic.

apt7.jpg (43401 bytes)

Removing the old sealant from the window frame.

apt6.jpg (35695 bytes)

Me,  happy in the fact that the inside panelling came away with few problems.

apt8.jpg (39490 bytes)

Me holding the new window and Richard applying the sealing mastic ready for fitting.

apt14.jpg (35190 bytes)

Our make shift window holder.

apt9.jpg (34479 bytes)

Richard (The Man With The Mastic Gun!) making a nice clean seal around the window frame.

apt11.jpg (38230 bytes)

Myself and Richard checking the fit,   NOT BAD AT ALL!!!!

apt13.jpg (22421 bytes)

Tony doing some work to free a rusty door lock.

apt15.jpg (53206 bytes)

Simon working on the locks for the doors, steps and windows.

A wonderful day was had by all, it was good to get things moving after all this time of arranging the group.

Photographs (c) Kit Spackman "The Kit Spackman Collection"

Next Working Day 17 June 2000.