Work Day Report For

30th July 2011. (Updated 5th August 2011)

In order to get the VIP re-fit back on track, the team fitted in an extra workday.

Targets for this day were, finish off the VIP re-fit and AVA system.

Mel doing a fantastic job of getting the VIP seats back up to scratch.

As the carpet fitter was taking longer than expected, we started on a few other projects, like putting the decals on TC1 and TC2.

Not brilliant, but not bad, at least they have there ID back now.

A view towards the new access steps of the VIP lounge in TC1. Carpet man was still hard at work inside.

One of these days, I will keep my mouth shut.  I mentioned to Tim that the electrics in TC2 could be looked at while we wait for the carpet man to finish.

But before Tim could get going, he had to remove this from the electrics cupboard, how did it get in there in the first place.

It didnt take long before Tim was on the case.

What seemed like only minutes later, Tim was plugging the new shortline in and seeing what would happen.


This is the first time in 35 years that TC2 has had its lights on, crazy, they all worked straight off!!!

Click play, to see a quick run through of TC2, with its lights on.

None IE browsers, please click here to view the video.

Now that the carpet man has finished, around 3pm, we really need to get going, and so much to do!

Fitting the seat boxes, and sorted out the layout of the VIP, good job we had some pictures of how it use to look.

By 5pm, this is how far we had got, 90% complete, another workday required before re-union day.

A good, but frustrating workday , thank you everyone and a great big thank you Mel for cleaning the seats and all the extra

visits to Locomotion while we were away.

The VIP lounge would had stood no chance of being completed without all your help.

Thanks to Rowland May the carpet guy for doing a great job on the carpet, we are all well pleased.

That was the end of the official workday on the Saturday, but!

Mel decides she can go on the Sunday, to try and get the VIP closer

to being finished............

This is what she managed, on her own.

Its all bolted down and the seats screwed into place.

Apart from needing a little more cleaning, ITS FINISHED.

A GOB SMACKING AMAZING JOB, three cheers for Mel.

Wednesday 13th August 2011.

To make sure the train would be ready for the re-union, we fitted in an extra workday on the 3rd August 2011.

The train was cleaned inside, from PC2 to TC1, all the hazzard markers re-fitted,

the broken glass in the VIP lounge covered over, all the electrics tested, and,

a projector board fitted to the access steps of the VIP lounge.

The finishing touch was to fit the anti macassar covers, which are a copy of the origional ones fitted to

the train in the 1970's.  Thanks to Kit for suppling the orgional.

The completed VIP lounge.

Mel looking well pleased at fantastic job done by the entire team, brilliant stuff.

Some more nice shots.

Mel's solution to the broken glass, put some of the carpet in it, actually, it looks really good.

We took the chance to clear out the storage bay in TC1 also.

This is the projector board fitted to the VIP loimge steps.

The projector is going to sit on the end of the swinging arm.

A quick look around the new VIP lounge.

None IE browsers, please click here to view the video.

VIP Through the years 2000 - 2011.

None IE browsers, please click here to view the video.

Myself and Steve are going up to Shildon the day before the re-union to setup and make sure all is ok.

Next workday is Re-Union Day : - 13th August.

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