Work Day Report For

26th April 2011.

As some work need carring out for a method statement to re-fit the trains pivot joints, Paul, Kit and Steve visited Shildon for an

extra workday.  While Kit worked on the method statement, Paul and Steve worked on the VIP re-fit.

We also fitted all six speakers into the VIP roof panel and wired them all up to an amp and PC.

Steve working on the PC display.

We took a copy of the speedo presentation to give it a try.

The sound system worked very well indeed and added greatly to the display.

Steve, cutting out the cable feed holes at the out end of the VIP lounge.

The second screen fitted, but not operational yet.

The first panel is re-fitted, including the mid to floor panel and support.

The wood is not rotten, just covered in old carpet glue.

Dark green carpet will cover the wood panel and the floor.

NOw that we have worked out how to re-fit the panels, we should be able to crack on, although the NRM have been unable to

locate our missing panel as yet.

The 7th May Workday was canceled due to team financial issues, we were all skint! 

Next Workday 18th June 2011,  (Cab-it Weekend).

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