Work day report  for the 23rd November 2002.

During this workday work continued on PC2s side framework and panels,

Len got 99.9% of PC2s cab floor completed, what a fantastic job.

Investigation into why the windows still leak in VIP of TC1.

A big welcome to Dave, Peter (New members) and Daniel, not old enough yet, but very keen to join.

During a heavy rain storm, we found the problem with the windows in TC1 VIP lounge.

The window frame is riveted to the bodywork and there is no overlap of materials.

The result, rain water makes its way through the gap and into the lounge.

Note : Steel blade going all the way through the gap between the frame and the bodywork.

Now we can fix the problem and get on with re-fitting the VIP lounge in TC1.

Lens 99.9% completed floor in PC2s cab.


Ben & Richard cutting out old supports and fitting a new section on PC2.

The new BR exhibition showing E train arriving at York Station in 1976.

E train is on its way to the NRM, its last ever powered trip.

Thanks to all who attended, nice job people.

Next workday is on the 14th December 2002

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