Work Day Report For

21st June 2014.

Today was the annual Cat-It so the group opened up PC1, TC1 VIP and for the first proper time TC2.

Mel and Simon continued work on the revamp of TC2's E1/T Bogie.

David showing a young ethusiast the in's and outs of PC2's cab.

One part of our new EHA award dsplay.

This part next to PC2.

Part two of the EHA diplsay next to TC2, note EHA award plaque.

Mel doing another great job on the repaint of the E1/T bogie.


Simon doing the fine detail repaint on the E1/T, nice job Simon.


Simon fitting the leaflet holder to APT-D for the EHA ward.

New ID now fitted to the E1/T.

WOW, looks better than new, great job Mel and Simon.


APT-D in use and people visiting TC2 for the first time.

Next Workday will be 13th September 2014.

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