Work day report  for the 19th April 2003.

One this workday we continued work on the removal and re-fitting of the VIP window frames and glass in TC1.

We also started a catalogue of parts and work required to refurbish the cab of PC1.

Plans are in hand to convert PC1s cab into a full size train simulator, using Microsoft Train 1 or 2!

Team members come from a wide age group.

Work starting on removing a window and its frame from the VIP lounge.

Are you old enough to be driving the APT-E?

Our new locked (ex toilet) locker in TC1 so we can store our tools away.

Jacquis clean and shiny new cab in PC2, great job.

Tims dad comes to see what we are doing.

During the last workday Richard appears with something very very interesting from the NRM achieve,  the plans for powercars.

Here are some quick photographs show you what they look like.

High res copies of the drawings are in the process of being produced.

Note the date in the bottom right corner, before E train had been built!


The red drawing marks are alterations that are need to be made, marked on by staff at the RTC.

The frame is re-fitted and the window is back in.

On Friday 25th April 2003, I went into the VIP lounge to check for leaks after some heavy rain.

I am glad to report that none have been found so far.

Thanks to all who attended.

Next workday is on the 17th May 2003.

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