Work day report  for the 19th October 2002.

During this workday we continued with the treatment of the PC2s side panels, PC2 cab cleaning and floor replacement.

Sad news :

The mastic used to re-seal the windows in TC1 V.I.P lounge is starting to fail, and the widows are starting to leak again.

This is very bad news and also very frustrating after the time and effort taken up trying to fix the problem.

Steve and Nick cleaning the window frame down in TC1 V.I.P lounge.

Steve cleaning the removed glass window.

Richard and Nick cutting out the old mastic layer.

We are now trying a construction grade mastic which with luck, should solve the problem.

After all the rain following this workday, we shall see!

Preparing to fit the new panel support to PC2.

The star team.  Note the newly fitted side panel support.  Its the green metal support just to left of centre.

Out with the old and in with the new.

Now its time for the same treatment on the other side of PC2.

Ben pot riveting the side panel back on.

Richard drilling out some of the rivet holes so the new ones can have a better fit.

Nearly done,  looks as good as new.

Very well done everyone, brilliant day and plenty to show for all the hard work.

Next workday is on the 23rd November 2002.

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