Work Report For The 19th August 2000.

During the day several teams worked on different projects,  the locks and doors still needed some attention,

The rest of the V.I.P lounge in TC1 needed all its internal window panels removing due to the ingress of water.

And the design and construction of a frame to support a winter cover, the cover being one trailer car in length.

apt7.jpg (19263 bytes)

E train during the sunshine we had in the afternoon.

apt1.jpg (35444 bytes)

Tony giving some attention to the door latches.

apt13.jpg (39711 bytes)

Tony & Simon,  this ones going to cause us a few problems.

apt6.jpg (36068 bytes)

Tony doing a really good job on the door latches.

apt8.jpg (35693 bytes)

Simon giving the opposite door latches some TLC.

apt10.jpg (23443 bytes)

The TC1 V.I.P lounge team stripping the rest of the rotten side panels.

apt12.jpg (23857 bytes)

Un-covering the underfloor hatches in TC1 V.I.P lounge.

apt23.jpg (21957 bytes)

David and Len measuring for the replacement wood panels.

apt11.jpg (31746 bytes)

Internal connectors under the floor of TC1.

apt9.jpg (19349 bytes)

Nice photo of the vestibule doors, note the steps still present.

apt3.jpg (21309 bytes)

V.I.P lounge now stripped and ready for re-fitting,  Nice job everyone.

apt22.jpg (35935 bytes)

Iron Duke steamed up and ready to roll.

apt2.jpg (18795 bytes)

Richard & Kit collecting the tubing for the tent frame,  Note : Duchess Of Hamilton's old boiler tubes.

apt15.jpg (19801 bytes)

Richard and Len trying the pieces for size.

apt16.jpg (19844 bytes)

During the cutting process our cutter gave up the ghost!

apt17.jpg (20874 bytes)

The prototype frame is complete, Now time to see if it fits.

apt18.jpg (32411 bytes)

Richard and David positioning the frame round the front of E Train.

apt19.jpg (20920 bytes)

Up She Goes!!!!

apt20.jpg (16727 bytes)

Its up and it fits width wise just fine, but its a little over in the height department,  2 feet shorter I think.

The tent is to allow us to work on the train during the winter months.

apt21.jpg (18270 bytes)

E Train in full view to the visitors. The first time for a very long time.

apt14.jpg (19595 bytes)

During our working days, its been nice that visitors have stopped and talked about APT to us.

cab.jpg (27291 bytes)

Nice shot of one of E Trains cab.

complete.jpg (45764 bytes)

The team at the end of the day.

Photo's by Kit Spackman, Robin Gray, Simon Argyle.   Thanks people.

A very productive day and yet again some very nice weather,   well after the rain storm that is...!

Next working day 14th October 2000.