Working Weekend during the 18th October 2003.

During this workday we continued repairs to PC2s bodywork and also did more repairs to the tent, ready for winter.

First things first, this is my new baby daughter, Bethany - Maria, Born on the 3rd October 2003.

Covers have been purchased to protect the joint modules from the weather, this is PC1.

PC1 otherside.

Joint module from TC1 - PC2.

The base of the tent is now covered by a tonne of rubble, to hold it down.

Repairs continue on the body panels of PC2.

Another panel nearly ready to be re-fitted.

Jacqui repairing the ropes on the tent.

We are getting there, PC2 looking very impressive in the afternoon sun.

Next workday is the 15th November 2003.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

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