Work Day Report For

18th July 2015.

Today we worked on getting the whole train back into display standard.

First things first was to get power back on in TC2, which Gavin, Barrie and Malc did a fine job.

Myself and David, re-fitted the AV bay in TC1 VIP lounge and cleaned it out also.

The train is fully back now to how it was before the NRM pulled the plug on us using the electrics, for something they caused!!

Planning what needs doing in order to please the over stricked H&S rules at Shildon.

Barrie working with Malc to get power back to the racking in TC2.

Malc sorting the power supply feeds, caught him off guard, sorry Malc.

Barrie setting up a scope for display.

David hovering out TC1 VIP lounge


Malc re-inacting a scene for the ITN news reel clip of the first run.

43 years later, still dont ask me, I have no idea how the hell it works lol.

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