Weekend during the 17th May 2003.

During this workday we continued the re-fitting of body panels and also started work on the repair of the bogies.

Due to the bad weather, window fitting had to be suspended until the next workday in June.

Big thanks to Adam for the photographs, I forgot my camera!!!!

E train in the rain.

Nice & clean cab, nice shot.

Parts of PC1 almost look clean, in the heavy rain!

The removed air spring cover off the ET1 bogie.

The guys working on the panels.

Tim and Lee doing there stuff.

Steven working on the bogie of PC2.

A nice and clean view of the VIP lounge in TC1.

Nice shot of PC2's nose, again she almost looks clean and new.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

The next workday is Richards Gibbons last as the head of engineering at the NRM, so its going be a sad day for us all.

All members, please try to attend this day if you can so we can give Richard a good last meeting.

Next workday 21st June 2003

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