Working Weekend during the 17th June 2000.

During the 17th June 2000,  the second working day was arranged.

Members of the team removed a badly leaking panel from the roof of PC2, rust proofed the frame and re-set the roof panel.

Other members of the team removed the seating from the V.I.P lounge of TC1 ready for re-carpeting.

APT1.jpg (39706 bytes)

Panaramic shot of PC2 taken by Simon Argyle.

Mvc-001a.jpg (47685 bytes)

APT-E at the NRM .   Viewed from the middle level of scaffolding.

Mvc-002f.jpg (67930 bytes)

Kit Spackman re-drilling the pot rivet holes.

Mvc-003f.jpg (62479 bytes)

The team hard at work on repairing the roof of PC2, and also clearing the V.I.P lounge of TC1.

Mvc-004a.jpg (90895 bytes)

Simon Argyle looking through the hole created by the removed roof panel in PC2.

APT4.jpg (36806 bytes)

Looking from the walkway in PC2 through the roof hole.

APT5.jpg (48217 bytes)

The first time PC2 turbines have seen the light of day for a long time.

Mvc-006a.jpg (62633 bytes)

Another view from the scaffolding.

Mvc-006f.jpg (57680 bytes)

Myself and Richard Gibbon re-riveting the roof panel on PC2.

APT2.jpg (36286 bytes)

Me and Kit fitting the roof panel back in place.

Mvc-007a.jpg (74834 bytes)

"KIT on a Hot Tin Roof",   or in this case aluminium!

Mvc-010a.jpg (65575 bytes)

View of PC2 nose end from the scaffolding.

Mvc-011f.jpg (64153 bytes)

Guess the view?

Mvc-012a.jpg (62831 bytes)

View from the roof.

Mvc-012f.jpg (89487 bytes)

Members of the team having a chat.

Mvc-014a.jpg (73368 bytes)

Simon Argyle inspecting the work on the roof panel.

Mvc-015a.jpg (63064 bytes)

Myself sat on the roof of PC2.  (And was it HOT!)

Mvc-018a.jpg (50977 bytes)

Inside TC1 during the removal of the V.I.P lounge seating.

Mvc-021a.jpg (54262 bytes)

Members of the team clearing TC1 V.I.P lounge.

Mvc-013f.jpg (56083 bytes)

TC1 after the seating and rotten carpet had been removed.

Mvc-014f.jpg (63946 bytes)

TC1 equipment bay used at present to store tools and the seats from the V.I.P lounge.

Mvc-016f.jpg (52604 bytes)

The team at the end of the day.

Thanks to Simon Argyle for some of the photos used on this page.

Everyone enjoyed the day,  but we were all exhausted and ready for a hot bath.

Next working day 19th August 2000.