Weekend visit during the 17th July 2004.

During this work day we prepared the train for the move to Shildon, sometime in August 2004.

We secured loose items and gave the bogies some needed TLC.

E trains new paint job, still not finished.

Stacked items in VIP of TC1.

And the other end, nice to have a rest eh!

Equipment bay of TC1, everything lowered to floor hight.

Tim, sitting in one of the VIP seats.

Bogies on PC1, TC1 and PC2 getting some TLC.

PC2 power bogie.

Intermediate bogie

PC1 Power bogie.

Lee, Tim and Steve at the nose of PC2, note the yellow end still not painted.

Maybe the last photo of E train at the NRM York.

The train is moving to Shildon next month!

Thanks to everyone who attended.

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