Working Weekend during the 17th January 2004.

During this workday we made a list of jobs that need to be done before Railfest and Cab-it.

Plans for the re-fitting of the air vents on the side of PC2 and a parts list where constructed.

The newly painted brackets to hold on the side powercar vents.

Work continued on the re-fitting of the body panels on PC2.

Sorry, but due to floppy disk failure, I've lost these photographs.

We have discovered that the internal body panels for the VIP lounge are missing, so we are investigation this.

We believe that they are still away being rebuilt, but we need to check this.

A list of tools was drawn up and passed onto the NRM so we can complete that jobs in hand.

Now for some good news.

APT-E  is to be displayed at this years major rail event, RAILFEST 2004.

More news on this, I HOPE, next time.

Next workday is the 21st February 2004.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

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