Working Weekend during the 17th April 2004.

During this workday we removed the old rusty brackets for the vents on PC2.

Re-fitted the body panel just behind the cab on PC2.

And watched!! as TC1 was started to be spray painted!

Ben, grinding the old brackets off the vents for PC2.

Mr Penny, doing the same thing.

View of PC1 and TC1, the repaint begins!

One coat and already looking miles better.

The old and the new.

Newly refitted side body panel, not all the rivets are in yet, but at least it can be painted.

I know E train needs lifting off its bogies, but Jacqui I don't think you are that strong!


Click this link to see a short video showing TC1 with its new blue paint job.

Next workday is the 15th May 2004.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

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