www.apt-e.orgWeekend during the 17th November 2001.

During this workday we continued erecting the tent over PC2 and joint module.

Another window in VIP lounge was re-fitted although problems have been found with some of the re-fitted windows.

It appears that the mastic used is degrading over a 6 - 8 month period and will need to be addressed.

Work also started on the stripping out and re-fitting of the cab floor in PC2.

The team erecting another portal frame.

The portal frames nearly reaching the joint module of PC2 - TC1.

Steve and Lee erecting the bracing beams.

Re-fitted window in VIP lounge / TC1.

Another portal frame in place.

Resting on the job,  Steve and Lee grab 5 on the roof of PC2.

A vent cover has had to be removed so we have covered the gap with a cover until early next year.

E train with a rain jacket fitted until we can repair the vent damage.

That's to everyone how attended today, nice job people.

Hope to see you all at the NRM Christmas party on the 21st Dec.

Next workday 12th January 2002.

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